Latest news. If you use DP this page can be a good source for useful information.


Release: DirectPython 0.9.0
New release, check the release notes for more information.


I am back
After the long break I had I can now update DirectPython more frequently. I might have missed few e-mails too, but at least now I can answer them much quicker.


Development slowdown
I don't currently have much spare time to spend with DirectPython which means that updates are going to be released at much slower rate. Even answering e-mails can be problematic, so be patient. After 4-5 months things should be back to normal and there are already some plans for DirectX 10 and comtypes support.


Release: DirectPython 0.8.0
New version is out and release notes know what has changed. Changes can break your code, so read the notes before updating.


Export script for Blender
I have written a script to export Blender meshes and animations into .x files.


Release: DirectPython 0.7.0
Bugs killed plus some features and samples added. Check the release notes.

Release: DirectX comtypes 0.1
The experimental project of using Direct3D through the comtypes-project is now available for download. Read the release notes for more information.


Release: 0.6.0
This might be the last major update in some time. Minor fixes will probably be released as .zip files. Release notes have more detailed information.


Release: 0.5.0
After some silence a new release is ready. Check the release notes for more information.


Release: 0.4.0
A major update. The release notes are available at the SourceForge download page.


Release: 0.3.0
A brand new release with some new additions and fixes. Release notes and the readme.txt contain all major changes.


Mailing list opened
A mailing list has been created for general discussion about DirectPython.


Release: 0.2.5
A new version has been released. Nothing radical when compared to the previous releases but some tweaking might be required from existing applications. See the readme.

Separate download for samples
Next versions will probably separate the samples and documentation from the actual runtime. Because new samples are not added very often there is no need to download everything when a new version is released. This makes possible to release simple runtime updates in compact .zip files.


New page layout
Now all information is not stacked on one page.

Next version is 0.2.5
Next version of DP will be a minor update. New methods and samples are added but existing functionality is mostly left untouched. Release date is not yet decided.


DirectPython 0.2 released
New and improved version is out. Some code breakage can be expected. Logo